Designed for Semiconductor, Manufacturing, High Tech and Consumer Goods companies, Accrete Edge is our preconfigured solution that leverages SAP’ S/4HANA Cloud Accrete’s Channel Management solution, enabling you to accelerate your digital transformation and realize faster time to value.

With our solution, you can implement ERP in as little as 6 months, allowing you to quickly realize the benefits of a fast-paced ERP implementation. Say goodbye to supply chain challenges, poor order fulfillment rates, delayed financial closing, and lack of automation – and say hello to a streamlined and efficient digital transformation journey.

What is Accrete GROW Edge:

How we do it

The Accrete Edge solution was built by our team who have 25+ years of experience in designing, developing, and deploying SAP ERP, Channel Management, CRM and Analytics, and has been implemented at large and medium Semiconductor, Consumer Goods, Manufacturing and High-Tech companies.