Frequently Asked Questions

Smart enterprises are transforming their operations with the in-memory computing and digital-enabling power of SAP S/4HANA.

The purpose of SAP S/4HANA FAQ's document is to provide frequently asked questions and answers about SAP S/4HANA, the next-generation business suite from SAP. These frequently asked questions cover business case value, integration, IT architecture, SAP S/4HANA solution functionality, and solution roadmap

Migrate Custom data/object in SAP S/4HANA

This blog addresses the issue of migrating data in custom tables. A new migration object has to be created or changes to an already existing migration object need to be made. Migration object modeler is the application that is used when custom data has to be migrated into SAP S/4 HANA system.

Compare SAP Cloud Platform Integration (SCPI) with SAP PO/PI

The architecture and functioning of SCPI and PI/PO are quite similar, to the extent that the integration flow designed in one system can be deployed in the other as well, thereby allowing for a smooth transition between the two systems.

Learnings from SAP Commerce Cloud Implementation

Most of the Hybris commerce projects are a part of the Digital Transformation initiatives at various organizations. The objective of these initiatives is to transform the systems/platforms and associated business processes to offer customers a unique service experience that exceeds their expectations.

How to Optimize Performance for Offline FIORI Applications

While using SAP FIORI application, there can be many scenarios when users are experiencing low connectivity or need to have their devices in offline mode. Delta load functionality plays a key part when syncing data back from the system

Integration Techniques for Creation of Service Tickets in SAP Service Cloud

When you buy a new product or service, you expect a fast delivery, quick support when the product is not working or guidance on how to use it. This requires an excellent multi-channel customer support management. The response should be quick, and the process should be efficient and streamlined. Customers can interact with the company through emails, by calling the Customer Support team, logging issues on a website, Chat etc.

Service Ticket Creation in SAP Hybris from SAP Commerce Cloud B2B/B2C Site

This blog describes how to integrate SAP Commerce Cloud with a SAP Hybris for Service. The blog is intended as a guide to help you perform the steps necessary for successful integration between the two systems.

Data Migration in SAP S/4HANA via Migration Cockpit

Data migration is a process of moving data from one computer storage type to other storage types. Data migration is not only moving data between two systems, but it also ensures that moving data should be of high quality, fit-to-use, consistent, is not redundant and can be used properly in target business processes to achieve organizational goals.

Guide to Configure Custom SD Output Types in S/4HANA using BRF+

BRF+ is part of SAP provided decision service management tool (DSM) and it is not new in SAP. But doing output management via BRF+ is new in S/4 HANA system. Before knowing how output determination and management is done in S/4 HANA system using BRF+, we must know what is BRF+ and how it works.

SAP Cloud Platform Integration (SCPI/HCI) Setup

SCPI is the integration service on the cloud that can be used to integrate processes and data in all of the above scenarios or to be more specific all the Application to Application, Business to Business, Business to Client Scenarios and also for multiple endpoints such as Cloud to Cloud applications, Cloud to On- Premise, etc. This blog demonstrates how to setup the SAP Cloud Platfrom for integration

Technical Overview of CDS View – SAP HANA Part II

CDS is a new data modelling technique in SAP HANA.It is an infrastructure that can be used by database developers to create the underlying (persistent) data model which the application services expose to UI clients.

Technical Overview of CDS View – SAP HANA Part I

CDS is a new data modelling technique in SAP HANA.It is an infrastructure that can be used by database developers to create the underlying (persistent) data model which the application services expose to UI clients.

Programming with ABAP on HANA

The focus of this blog is to present an overview of the new programming techniques in ABAP after the introduction of HANA database. The focus will be towards providing a guideline on why and how an ABAP developer should start transitioning its code to use the new coding technique’s.

SAP Cloud for iOS

Apple and SAP announced a partnership to revolutionize the mobile work experience for enterprise customers. This partnership would enable to combine the powerful features of native iOS apps along with the capabilities of SAP HANA. A new software iOS SDK was developed which would help businesses to make apps tailored to their needs.

S/4HANA Migration Scenarios

SAP S/4HANA is the latest ERP offering from SAP which uses in memory computing technology. In addition to advantage of speed which comes due to new technology, SAP S/4HANA offers a personalized, consumer-grade user experience with SAP Fiori.

Progressive Web Apps –The Future of Apps

Progressive Web App uses modern web capabilities to deliver a native app like user experience and it blurs the line between native & mobile web. Progressive Web Apps include new Web APIs, new design concepts, and new buzzwords.

Steps for SAP, SRM & Web portal Integration to Improve Customer service

The objective of this blog is to show how to integrate the backend SAP process with the web portal that customer care uses and to automate this entire process. This document focuses on how to retrieve information from SRM & ECC systems when customer care executive enters a Shopping Cart or Purchase Order number in its web portal’s search field.

Blockchain – New Buzz word for Banks, Technology and Other Industries

Blockchain is an ever-adding list of records, called blocks. i.e. whenever a new record is created, it is added as a new block to the previous one. Hence, the name Blockchain.

Automation of Spare Parts Picking by Integrating SAP ECC or S/4HANA with Vanas carousel

This blog describes how picking of spare parts can be automated and streamlined by integrating SAP ECC or S/4HANA solution with Vanas carousel.

AR/VR Possibilities and Potential in Your Organization

AR/VR is being tested and deployed for, to be implemented and used in a wide range of work-related applications. The technology is on its way to serve many work-oriented goals and objectives. With more and more innovations in these technologies, AR & VR are getting so effective and user friendly. AR/VR is mainly focused on increasing productivity gains in industrial manufacturing, automotive, medical and many more sectors.

SAP HANA for Dummies In–Memory Database Management

With the today’s progressive competitive market, Enterprise Computing is expected to be fast and most accurate. The need for performance-oriented Enterprise Computing spreads across industries like healthcare, travel and hospitality, logistics, pharmaceuticals, automotive and so on.

How AR/VR Technologies Influencing the Automotive Industry

Reality is three dimensional but how we have been interpreting it is on two-dimensional papers and screens. With the advent of augmented and virtual reality, it is now possible for humans to analyse things three-dimensionally, thereby reducing the human mental and physical effort.

CRM Roadmap to Achieve Customer 360 Views

Every company wants to delight their customers with their superior customer service. Sales representatives should have easy access to account information including Sales order status, Service Ticket status and Product complaints before going on a customer visit. Service Reps should have knowledge of the past services performed, commitments made by sales team, SLA’s, open service tickets and Parts ordered status

Introduction to SAP Cloud Platform Integration (SCPI)

SCPI is the integration service on the cloud that can be used to integrate processes and data in all of the above scenarios or to be more specific all the Application to Application, Business to Business, Business to Client Scenarios and also for multiple endpoints such as Cloud to Cloud applications, Cloud to On- Premise, etc.

How to transfer data from SAP/Non-SAP systems to SAP HANA

Data provisioning is a process of creating, preparing and enabling a network to provide the data to its user. Data needs to be loaded to SAP HANA before it reaches to the user via a front-end tool. To implement SAP HANA, different methods are used for Data Provisioning to transfer the data from both SAP Business suite application or from a third-party systems to SAP HANA.

Optimizing your CRM UI (Web UI vs Fiori)

In the times of Amazon one-click buy, Facebook’s easy timeline navigation, WhatsApp’s easy chat/call, the focus of user experience is paramount in companies. As people use these applications there is a general expectation from them to have their internal IT systems to match up those capabilities and performance.

Integration of SAP Delivery to 3PL WMS

How to integrate the SAP System with 3PL Warehouse management system (WMS) for Outbound Delivery. This document focuses on how to do a seamless integration between a Company’s SAP delivery process and 3PL WMS with minimal or no manual intervention.

Digital Transformation in Medical Device Industry

Many medical device companies seek to use the power of Digital to transform the productivity, quality, and reliability of their operations. For medical device companies, the right starting point is a dispassionate assessment of its current processes, capabilities, and culture. Without knowing where it is today, an organization cannot.

Importance of End Customer in achieving Customer 360 degree vision

In most manufacturing companies, a large portion of business is generated from resellers, distributors and dealers. Manufacturers sell to the distributors who in turn, sell to their end customers. In certain industries, distributors sell to dealers who sell to end customers. Although some CRM and ERP software have the ability to capture end customer information, there are a number of challenges to overcome in this area.

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