Enterprise Asset Management

Almost all organizations are challenged to maximize the value of assets throughout their lifecycle. Today’s organizations must constantly track, assess and manage the reliability of a wide range of physical and technological assets. They repair machinery, schedule employees, deploy and manage IT infrastructure, maintain physical plants, and manage linear infrastructure or rolling assets. To further complicate matters, technology infrastructures are tremendously complex, typically running applications and data in silos that can limit the effectiveness of cross- organizational operations and efficiencies.

These organizations must deal with continually aging physical assets that require ongoing maintenance and repair. Asset performance and the quality of the organization’s products and services are impacted by the reliability of the asset or equipment. As a result, the increased need for asset maintenance and its management can have a direct impact on customer satisfaction. A large number of organizations are looking for IoT enabled enterprise asset management solutions to help them predict mission-critical assets.

Accrete’s Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) is based on SAP Enterprise Asset Management integrated with our IoT solution. It helps organizations make smarter decisions about asset performance by augmenting IoT data with powerful cognitive insights driven by artificial intelligence (AI). Our solution helps in managing the lifecycle of your organizations assets to maximize their lifetime value, reduce costs, improve quality and efficiency, health of assets and environmental safety. It also helps you with prediction of equipment issues before they occur, perform predictive maintenance and empower your workforce with the information required to run smooth maintenance operations.

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