Channel Data Management

Managing data from multiple channels via separate spreadsheets leads to information gaps and inaccuracies that take time, resources, and people to resolve. This Inefficient management of channel data leads to suboptimal results such as revenue leaks, excess inventory, missed sales opportunities, incentive overpayments, and partner dissatisfaction. Thus companies with multi-tier distribution channels must have one secure system for global channel data collection, unified reference data and robust, best practices for data processing, analytics, and business intelligence.

At Accrete, we provide fully automated channel data management to improve overall channel performance. We get you a single, unified system of record that unifies decision-grade data with unmatched reporting data accuracy and transparency, fully auditable to the transaction source. Information from all channel activities to support critical decision making.

How we do it

We offer end-to-end fully automated Channel Data Management that fuels your performance and streamline business operations with decision-grade real time data and automation for all your downstream revenue management applications for sales commissions, incentives and rebates, royalties, revenue recognition, analytics, and business intelligence.


Success Stories