Application Support

In the current era of high paced and fluctuating customer demands and competitive pressures, companies turn to SAP applications to execute and make their business processes agile and enable faster business changes. With the increased roll-out of SAP applications to different departments and global divisions, organizations need to maintain skilled internal SAP support staff at high costs. However, the lack of internal best practices, intrinsic problems with service & delivery reliability, existing skills becoming quickly obsolete and high employee turnover, many companies seek solutions for SAP Application support through external specialized providers.

Accrete Solutions collaborates with its customers in providing a best in class ALCM support model, which promotes standardization, improves the company’s business and risk management capabilities while reducing costs and providing quality & flexible SAP application support across different geographies.

How we do it

Accrete Solutions has defined a clear and detailed approach based on its value delivery model to implement a support organization in the most effective way. This model is based on ITIL Service management standards that focus on aligning IT services with the needs of a business.


Success Stories