Royalty Management

Managing royalty accounting now getting more complex - especially when the number of your licensing contracts grows faster. Without reliable royalty software, tracking recoupments, past due royalty payments, checking royalty statements accuracy and status can be extremely cumbersome. Which gives rise and need for Accurate and timely royalty management, that can streamline royalty management processes, avoid mistakes and safeguard business relationships.

Accrete advances your intellectual property rights and royalty management to the next level by automating and streamlining the process. Our end-to-end royalty management solution not only enables accurate and timely royalty payments, but also enables you to trace agreement and licensee performance.

How we do it

Under Accrete's royalty management solution all sales reports will be validated against their contracts and while non-complying sales will immediately flagged to the general counsel or compliance team. Ensure fully compliant royalty reports that empower you to build trust between licensor and licensee by guaranteeing accuracy, transparency, and visibility across all royalty related data and calculations. Our royalty experts teams will help you establish “best practices” and aid in completing the cycle of calculation and invoice/payment.

Accrete's royalty management application can be leveraged by both licensor and licensee.


Success Stories