Incentive Management

B2B organizations distributing their products through partners rely on channel incentive programs to support and grow revenue. Managing, implementing, and ensuring compliance for channel incentive programs is a complex and time-consuming task. The lack of streamlined and automated processes lead to incorrect overpayment of claims, potentially costing thousands or millions of dollars each year, which impacts overall gross margin and top-line revenue.

At Accrete, we provide fully automated incentive management solutions to manage all types of incentive programs and related transaction-based financials to control price erosion and erroneous overpayments which impact overall gross margin and top-line revenue.

How we do it

An Incentive program generally follows the “request-approve-claim-validate-adjust-authorize-payment” cycle, which is a complex and time-consuming task. We automates and streamline the entire cycle, making the process easier to manage and eliminating the risk of overpaying and double-dipping by channel partners. Accrete’s incentive management solution not only enables accurate and timely incentive claims payments, but also allows incentive data and statistics to be used to objectively measure program and partner performance. You can design and fine-tune strategies for future channel incentive programs by tracking utilization metrics and ROI of historical programs.

At Accrete, we supports a wide variety of incentive programs, including:

  • Rebates, MDF, Co-op programs, and SPIFFs
  • Pricing compliance programs like Ship-and-Debit and Special Pricing
  • Inventory based programs like Price Protection and Stock Rotation

Success Stories