SAP C/4HANA helps to improve customer experience by bringing together customer data, experiential and operational data, and the power of intelligent technologies across sales, marketing, commerce, and service. SAP C/4HANA is designed to enable businesses to deliver unique, trusted, and personalized journeys to their customers. It also helps organizations to break down silos between various systems & departments, unifying consumer data and operational data, and applying advanced business intelligence to fuel experiences that are consistent, relevant, and based on customers’ preferences and permissions.

The SAP C/4HANA is a suite of five industry leading cloud solutions. It includes a market leading solution for sales, called SAP Sales Cloud, SAP Service Cloud provides seamless service experiences to support the entire customer journey, SAP Marketing Cloud - optimizes marketing to drive growth and revenue, SAP Commerce Cloud offers a superior omnichannel commerce experience, SAP Customer Data Cloud strengthens customer trust in the era of GDPR, CCPA, and beyond. Accrete has vast experience in implementing customer experience management solutions and can be your trusted partner.

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