How to Improve Customer Life Time Value (CLV) using SAP Billing

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) is one of the critical metrics that contribute to recurring revenue cycle, especially in today’s customer-centric ecosystem.

What is CLV? It represents the estimated value of a customer during the whole business relationship time. To maximize CLV, companies need to focus on increasing customer retention and customer experience. This will result in recurring revenue and make your company profitable.

So how do the leading companies across different verticals maximize Customer Lifetime Value? How do they personalize services and pricing to increase customer retention and customer experience?

Watch our recorded one-hour webinar, It will take you through the steps that you can take and maximize customer lifetime value by using highly-automated billing and revenue management solutions.

In this webcast we covered:

  • How can Customer Life Time Value be improved?
  • SAP Billing (SAP Billing) solution overview to support CLV
  • Customer Journey on Hybris Billing
  • Hybris Billing Deployment Options
  • Industry case studies

Key Takeaways

  • How to make your business more agile and provide more offerings
  • Leverage and enhance your existing SAP investments
  • Simplify and consolidate Customer invoicing
  • Best practices in SAP Billing (Hybris Billing) implementations
  • Impact of pricing models for products and services combination


Cinque Terre

Ashish Saxena

Vice-President SAP Solutions

Cinque Terre

Jed Durso

SAP BRIM (Hybris Billing) Solution Architect